‘Conversations on a Mission’ explore how we, as Christians, can best communicate Jesus in changing times. Exploring both the challenges and the opportunities, Andy Frost interviews an array of pioneers, missiologists and cultural leaders to give some practical insights into how we share our faith today. These podcasts are brought to you by Share Jesus International.

12 Dennis Pethers

This podcast, Andy catches up with Dennis Pethers. who has a vast experience as an evangelist. He shares about ’The Rooftop’ movement and about how we can catch a fresh vision for joining Jesus in his mission.

11 London Mission Collective Special Edition

This podcast is taken from the London Mission Collective Briefing. It contains a note talk from Roy Crowne about HOPE 2018, a conversation around how evangelism and discipleship interplay, and an opportunity to hear about a number of London-wide initiatives.

10 Sarah Yardley

Sarah Yardley comes from Orange County but has been called by God where she is involved in leading the outreach festival Creation Fest and county wide mission. Andy talks to her about calling, understanding identity and how we look for where the Gospel is already present in people’s stories.

09 David Shosanya

David Shosanya, who works for the London Baptist Association, joins Andy Frost for a conversation around mission in London. He shares stories around risk and mobilisation; and how we best engage with the needs of our community.

08 Claude Thomas

Claude Thomas served as Senior Vice President of an International Humanitarian Ministry after serving as Vice-President of a John Maxwell Company. For decades Claude was senior pastor of churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. Andy Frost interviews Claude about leading churches to expansion in evangelism and missions.

07 Jacqui Parkinson

Andy joins textile artist Jacqui Parkinson to explore the place of visual arts in mission touching on themes of hope, end times and creativity.

05 Robert Tomaschek

Andy hosts Robert Tomaschek, European Leader of Dynamic Church Planting International, and they explore why church planting is necessary in seeing people come to faith in Europe.

04 Jasmin Jones

Andy interviews singer/ songwriter Jasmin Jones about the use of music in outreach and why the Arts are so powerful in connecting deeply with people.

03 Osoba Otiagbe

In this podcast Andy Frost interviews Osoba Otiagbe, author of ‘Cultural Intelligence’, exploring the underlying principles behind how we can connect and reach people from other cultures in the cities of today.

02 Rich Ellerington

Andy Frost joins Rich Ellerington, founder of Surf Church, to explore church planting in Western Europe and some key values around starting a church from scratch with people who have no experience of Jesus.

01 David Kinnaman

Andy Frost joins David Kinnaman, the President of Barna Global, to explore cultural trends and how this impacts how we, as the Church, communicate the message of Jesus.