New | Lukes Gospel


We have created this Luke’s Gospel resource that we are making available to people who would like to know more about the Christian faith. This is from the intro:

“We each get one life. None of us are sure how long we’ll have to squeeze the most out of our time here on earth. We have discovered that living the most exciting life possible starts with following Jesus. This is an adventure that is more than extreme experiences, it is an adventure that helps us discover who we are and what it means to live in relationship with God. But before anyone can consider whether or not to follow Jesus, we have to understand who he was and what he stood for.”

You can order some free copies by emailing us here.

There are some exciting possibilities moving forward with these videos and we would appreciate your prayers as we discern the future!

SJI has long been on the forefront of innovative mission and this new project is no exception. The vision is to create a video series that explores adventure and travel, and takes people on a journey of Christian faith discovery.

With so many people using YouTube and other social media platforms, SJI is launching this 6-part original video series to engage this audience and provoke deeper questions. Each episode will feature Andy Frost and Rich Ellerington, two surfing church leaders, on adventures and meeting people with interesting stories. Over the series, the Christian narrative is gradually explored.

On top of the videos, there is a social media strategy with questions, share-able quotes and interactive competitions. The videos are aimed at a teenage and young adult age demographic and our hope is that they will also be used off-line in school assemblies and youth events (where they have already been successfully piloted).

Please note that the project has not been funded by general donations and that the majority of the international trips have been filmed on the back of events and conferences that Andy and Rich have been speaking at. We are thankful to Paisley Productions for the support of this project.