Sharing Jesus is a course with a simple and practical approach that takes the fear and the anxiety out of evangelism so that the people in your church can confidently put their faith into words.

As Christians, many of us find it difficult to know how and when to share our faith. In partnership with HOPE and as part of the Crossing London initiative, we have created ‘Sharing Jesus’. This resource and course helps us put our faith into words.

“I have heard much training on evangelism but this is the very first time I have heard the how to of evangelism.”

“It’s helpful, practical and simple. But also provided opportunity for profound reflection.”

The Resource:

Share Jesus International has produced this brand new 96 page resource in partnership with HOPE to help Christians share their faith. The resource explores…

  • Key calendar moments
  • How to spark God conversations
  • Different ways to explain the Gospel
  • Next steps after a God conversation
  • Tough questions
  • Helpful reminders
  • Leading some one to faith

The resource has a diverse range of contributors including: Laurence Singlehurst, Rico Tice, Dr Peter Saunders, Jo Cox, Chris Duffett, Jason Garner, Canon Dr Ann Holt, Carl Beech, Andy Hawthorne, Hugo Anson, Krish Kandiah, Dr Ruth Valerio, Stephen Gaulkroger, Dr Rachel Jordan, Pete Greig, Glen Scrivener and many more! You can buy copies in our online shop here.

Tried and tested in churches across the UK, this quality resource will help your congregation feel ready and able to talk about their faith with those they care about.

The Course

The Sharing Jesus course consists of three sessions that can be used in a variety of settings a three week course for small groups, as part of a weekend away or as teaching content for a Sunday morning worship service. Each DVD session last approximately 20 mins; so including discussion you should expect each session to take about one hour.

Session 1 suggests some top tips as we look at how we share our faith. Andy and Jo then go on to explore different ways of starting conversations about God.

Session 2 looks at the cultural changes happening in society and covers a number of different models to help us share the Christian faith.

Session 3 examines some of the difficult questions that we may be asked when sharing our faith. Andy and Jo look at how we might begin to answer some of these questions as well as giving some practical ideas on how we can help people move
beyond a good conversation and deeper into a journey of faith discovery.

Presented by Andy and Jo Frost, each session lasts approximately 20 minutes.
Each session also has input from the Director of HOPE, Roy Crowne.

If you would prefer to run the course yourself you can find the course materials HERE