New 24 page booklet

Culture of Mission

In church, we often talk about vision, but as the adage goes: ‘culture trumps vision’. We can talk about being a friendlier church, or about being a more generous church, or about being a more missional church, but the truth is that little changes if our culture doesn’t change.

Culture is shaped by shared habits – the things we subconsciously do. Social scientists believe that almost 40% of our behaviour is driven by these habits, rather than motivated by conscious decisions.

We all have habits, whether it be to make a coffee first thing in the morning or to turn on the radio as soon as we get in the car. Much of the time, we are acting on autopilot. Interestingly, Covid-19 has disrupted many of our habits, and this is partly why people have felt so disorientated: our normal rhythms of life have not been possible.

And so here’s the purpose of this little booklet: what habits do we need to create with our churches to disrupt the existing culture and become more evangelistic? What are the cues that we need to be looking out for? What are the appropriate actions?