Long Story Short

Gospel presentation

Over the last few years, Andy has been touring local churches with the brilliant singer songwriter Jasmin Jones exploring the stories we live for and what it means to ultimately find our identity and purpose in the God story.

Andy has recorded his presentation and it is now on YouTube. It is available to stream but if you would also like to use it for an on-line broadcast (a part of your church service or live steamed outreach), then email Lucy  and we will get the files over to you.

Wrap-around Resource

We have produced a number of booklets that contain relevant quotes. You can check them out here. If you would like some copies in the post, just let us know!

The Book

The content is based on Andy’s book Long Story published by SPCK. You can buy it here.

The fact is: your life tells a story. From beginning to end, your life will create a unique narrative, shaped by the wider stories you find yourself living in.

So what story are you living in?

Exploring the importance of such stories and how these shape our identity, Andy Frost presents the ultimate narrative of life, the universe and everything: the God Story.

1. Every life tells a story
2. Happiness, fear and changing the world
3. Story and Identity
4. This thing called faith
5. The God Story
6. Why I have chosen God story as a framework
7. Our story in his story
8. The Challenge
9. Conclusion

“There is often an element of trepidation when inviting outside ministries to partner with you in outreach events. Who are they? How will it come across to the unchurched? Will it build confidence with our church members to invite people to Alpha and future outreach events?

I am pleased to say that the Story Tour was a massive success. The presentation was engaging, entertaining and on-point. The big God story was woven together in a tapestry of story, song and informal testimony and thoroughly engaged over 130 guests for the entire 90 minutes. It served us as a great Alpha launch and I would definitely recommend them to other Churches who are looking for a high quality and effective evangelism promo.”

Glenn Paten, Hope Church, Orpington, Bromley, Downham and West Wickham