Long Story Short

Over the past couple of years, Andy and Jasmin have been touring the UK exploring the stories we live for and what it means to ultimately find our identity and purpose in the God story.

Andy’s new book Long Story Short captures many of these themes and with the book’s launch, Andy is keen to make himself available to churches to continue inspiring people to live the best kind of stories, that have God at the very heart of them!


Jasmin Jones is an Australian-born free spirited Indie acoustic singer whose voice is so infectious it leaves you wanting more which is shown in her latest EP release ‘GOLD’.

Jasmin is influenced by not only genres of music such as rock, folk, pop but also by love, travel, people and spirituality. Her heart is that people encounter God’s love through her music. Check out her music HERE

Andy Frost is the Director of Share Jesus International. He is part of the leadership team for his local church and is passionate about supporting local churches in faith sharing. He has an MA in Applied Theology, has authored a number of books and is a member of the Evangelical Alliance Council. He is married to Jo, has two daughters and loves to surf.

Gospel Presentation

A night of good music and good conversation as we explore the story we find ourselves in. The evening features ‘Jasmin Jones’, a Australian-born free spirited Indie acoustic singer whose voice is so infectious it leaves you wanting more. The night will also include spoken word and a short reflection from Andy Frost about God’s story and its impact on how we can live today.

The night aims to give people an opportunity to explore the Christian faith and is an ideal event for congregations to invite their friends along to. It would work for launching a course that explores the Christian faith and will give the audience an opportunity to make a response to Jesus.

Various dates available
Cost £350 (plus travel outside of London)

Price includes:

• Andy Frost and Jasmin Jones (includes travel)
• 80 minute show (with interval)

Host Andy Frost

Various Dates available
Cost: A gift towards the work of SJI

Invite Andy Frost to come and unpack some of the themes from his book ‘Long Story Short’. Andy longs for each Christian to live out the best kind of story and with a mixture of personal testimonies and biblical input; Andy will leave the congregation with some practical ways to find their story within God’s narrative.

“There is often an element of trepidation when inviting outside ministries to partner with you in outreach events. Who are they? How will it come across to the unchurched? Will it build confidence with our church members to invite people to Alpha and future outreach events?

I am pleased to say that the Story Tour with Jasmin and Andy was a massive success. The presentation was engaging, entertaining and on-point. The big God story was woven together in a tapestry of story, song and informal testimony and thoroughly engaged over 130 guests for the entire 90 minutes. It served us as a great Alpha launch and I would definitely recommend them to other Churches who are looking for a high quality and effective evangelism promo.”

Glenn Paten, Hope Church, Orpington, Bromley, Downham and West Wickham