Out of the C3 Round Tables in London, the ‘What would Jesus say to…’ Sermon Series has been birthed. The concept is based on Ed Young’s Sermon Series which was used at Fellowship Church. By collaborating together we are able to put more resource into a project and the series will also have a bigger splash if churches across the UK take up the idea.


Key thoughts for the Sermon Series:

  1. Each of these messages can be tailored towards a Gospel presentation and our hope is that they will be used to engage with those on the fringe of the Church.
  2. Each ‘character’ we are exploring is a real person. Let’s remember that as we speak. It’s important that these sermons are not used to slam people but to a rm God given attributes and speak into their lives. Think about three positive things we can say for every one thing we might like to see change.
  3. This sermon series should also help equip Christians in two distinct ways. Firstly, they should help us think about how we engage in faith conversation with friends. Secondly, they help us see that our faith is not only about a Sunday morning meeting but about how we engage with all of life.

The Celebrities:

The following celebrities have been selected. They give a diverse range of life stories and cultural spheres to explore. A church might do all seven or they may just do a couple of them. Each Sermon outline is being written by a church leader.

  1. Alan Sugar – Mark Waterfield
  2. Boris Johnson – Mark Waterfield
  3. Mario Balotelli – Gareth Russell TBC
  4. Russell Brand – Andy Frost
  5. Katie Price – Andy Frost
  6. – Andrew Holmes
  7. Tracey Emin – Jo Frost

Share Jesus International are creating wrap around resources. If a church wants to participate in the Series, we ask that a gift is made towards these costs. The wrap around resources include:

  • Short intro videos to each celebrity
  • Powerpoint templates for the sermon series and each celebrity
  • Postcard, poster and social media template for you to add church service info
  • Sermon outlines for the celebrities
  • A listing of your church on