Raising Faith




  • Want to raise your children in faith?
  • This book helps you instil Christian values as you parent
  • You’ll find guidance and encouragement as you parent as a Christian

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be healthy and happy, but do we ever think about how we can help them grow up to love God?
Raising Faith is full of stories and encouragement to help us feel enthused and confident to nurture faith in our children. It’s packed with bite-sized articles and helpful ideas to try out even in the middle of the busyness of family life.

Katharine and Andy’s honest and practical advice will dispel the guilt, show us how much we’re already doing, and inspire us with simple new ways to help our children love God while they are young.

“We know that there are no guarantees that our children will find a faith of their own, but there is so much we can do to help and encourage them on that journey. I love this book because it’s low on guilt and high on practical things we can do as parents to really make a difference.” – Rob Parsons, Founder and Chairman, Care for the Family

“A challenging, inspiring, hopeful and practical book that every Christian parent should read straight away. This is a vital resource for all of us who desperately want our children to find Jesus for themselves.” – Cathy Madavan, speaker and writer