From Decision to Disciple



Discipleship has once again become a buzz word in Christian circles and there are many books and resources out there that help church leaders embed discipleship into their churches so that church-goers can develop their relationship with God and live out their faith.

But what’s concerning is how few resources exist to help support new Christians who’ve made the decision to follow Jesus for the first time. New Christians face some unique challenges as they start the journey from making an initial response to the Gospel to becoming a committed disciple of Jesus. And this is the focus of this booklet.

Over the last 20 years, it’s been my privilege to come alongside churches thinking through evangelism and discipleship, and help lead churches that want to see people come to faith. I have spent much time and energy helping local churches to connect with their communities in meaningful ways and think through how we present the Gospel effectively. But when a response is made, I often find we’re not sure how to help a new Christian transition to become a disciple.

The vision is to make disciples. Disciples of all nations who are physically baptised as an outward symbol of this new life. And we are to teach them to obey everything Jesus has commanded. Everything. Even the challenging, culturally awkward bits. It’s a clear vision. But it’s also very challenging. And sometimes we can become so familiar with these words that we fail to comprehend just how clear and challenging they are. Have you ever closed your eyes and pictured yourself as one of the disciples? Gathered on a mountain top, looking around at your friends, as Jesus looks into your eyes and gives you this challenge. It’s like dynamite.