What's Involved

Here is a little more detail on what is included as part of the FRESH journey.

FRESH includes:

3 Residential Weekends

  • FRESHers arrive at the venue on Friday evening at approximately 7pm and leave on the Sunday afternoon at approximately 4 pm
  • FRESHERs will need to bring sleeping bags to stay over at the church for 2 nights
  • There is a combination of teaching, food and fun activities that build leadership skills
  • Expect team work challenges and time to reflect on what has been learnt

1 Day Conference

  • Re:FRESH is a day event in London that takes place every year after the 3 weekends have finished
  • FRESHERs have a chance to invite their friends, youth workers and anyone interested in finding out more about the FRESH leadership course
  • Re:FRESH is a day of seminars, fun games, food and a chance to hear stories of past and present FRESHERs

Supportive mentoring from the FRESH team and your local church

  • Each FRESHer will be asked to select someone from their church to mentor them between the 3 weekends -The FRESH team will get in touch with each mentor about what their FRESHer has learnt
  • To ensure mentors are meeting their FRESHERs on a regular basis, the FRESH team will assign tasks that need to be signed by the mentor before each weekend
  • FRESHers will be partnered up with a member of the FRESH team according to their gifts and passions

Opportunities to explore and discover your God given influence

  • There are specific talks and activities that help FRESHERs identify their key strengths and gifts
  • FRESHers learn what their sphere of influence is and how to bring future change

Heaps of resources to equip you to live it out including books, cds and online resources

  • Each FRESHer gets a goody bag on every weekend with books, information about relevant events and fun things to do
  • Talks are recorded and can be accessed exclusively by FRESHers on the FRESH Podcasts webpage

A range of directed teaching, interactive discussion, practical challenges and adventurous opportunities

  • Practical challenges will give FRESHers more experience in developing their roles as leaders -Plenty of opportunities to feedback to the FRESH team
  • The opportunities to develop leadership skills extend to being set tasks between the 3 weekends

Christian leaders including Andy & Jo Frost and Jill Garrett

  • There is a keynote speaker on every FRESH weekend who are experts in their field and fantastic communicators. They will deliver the whole mornings teaching and prepare us for application of this each afternoon. There is also an opportunity to ask them questions and get advice.

A chance for you to pitch for financial investment towards your own community project (up to £250)

  • Dragons Den takes place every year on weekend 3. It is a great opportunity for FRESHers to put what they have learnt into practice in order to impact their communities
  • Find out more by clicking on the links below Interested in applying for FRESH?