FRESH Weekends

2015/16 Dates

Weekend One: October 9th – 11th, 2015
Weekend Two: November 20th – 22nd, 2015
Weekend Three: February 5th – February 7th, 2016

Re:FRESH: March 5th 2016

Weekend One: What is The Gospel?

Vision Theme: Being A Temple of The Holy Spirit

On our first weekend away we learn about the Christian message – what is the gospel and how do we communicate this good news to the people around us?

FRESHERs explore the gospel that not only highlights sin as being an individual barrier between God and people, but also that at the centre of it all God wants to restore this broken world to Himself.

The Christian message is not simply a message of getting into heaven, but learning how we as followers of Jesus can bring heaven to earth today.

Weekend Two: Who Am I As A Leader?

Vision Theme: What It Means To Be A FRESH River

On the second weekend away FRESHERs learn more in depth about their specific leadership strengths and skills.
How can we put these into practice when it comes to transforming our schools and communities?
Why is character and integrity just as important when it comes to leadership?

Weekend Three: What Impact Am I Having?

Vision Theme: Bringing FRESH Water To A Dead Sea

On the final weekend away FRESHERs explore what impact they can have as Christians in their sphere of influence. They learn about the important of prayer and how God can work through them if they surrender to Him and stay connected to Him.  Each FRESHER also has the opportunity to ask for up to £250 towards their community project in our Dragons Den activity. As a group we all explore together the cost of following Jesus, the sacrifice, the cost and the commitment. Through a graduation ceremony, celebration meal and thanksgiving service FRESHers have the opportunity to make this commitment to long term discipleship.