Threads through Revelation


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In this world – in our lives – there is so much that needs unpicking and starting again. There is so much that’s a mystery. And the book of Revelation is the same.

As a child I had a kaleidoscope. When you twisted the end of the metal tube and looked through and eyehole, you could see little pieces of coloured glass constantly rearranging themselves into new patterns – repeated  through mirrors. For me Revelation is a little like this – you just think you see the pattern when a new thought – a small twist of the kaleidoscope tube – changes thee picture completely. Exciting – unsettling – amazing – disturbing – but always intriguing. One great reality – so many different possibilities. The historical – what we can see – and the eschatological – what we don’t usually see – are here together. God in action! Heaven and Earth united.

I researched, designed, wrote and stitched my way through Revelation for three years. The result is this book and fourteen  very big textile panels – both ‘Threads through Revelation’.

Jacqui Parkinson 

It was a book that left me wanting to be in God’s presence more, to grapple with the themes more, to learn how to love Jesus more. I am grateful to anyone who can point me in that direction by sharing their own story and by asking questions.

Elizabeth Allen

Jacqui Parkinson … has approached Revelation with all the seriousness of a professional theologian but also as someone who wants to engage the text with her passion and training in art. In working with her own art form she brings insight to the text which sometimes reinforce, sometimes question question and sometimes push further the academic commentaries. This is a fine piece of work and gives a distinct contribution to the scholarship on revelation. But more than that it engages the artist and the lay person in an imaginative exploration of God’s Word.

David Wilkinson, BSc, PhD, MA, PhD, FRAS.
The Principle, St Johns College.
Durham University