Sharing Jesus DVD


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The Sharing Jesus course consists of three sessions that can be used in a variety of settings;
a three week course for small groups, as part of a weekend away or as teaching content for
a Sunday morning worship service. Each DVD session last approximately 20 mins; so
including discussion you should expect each session to take about one hour.

Session 1 suggests some top tips as we look at how we share our faith. Andy and Jo
then go on to explore dierent ways of starting conversations about God.

Session 2 looks at the cultural changes happening in society and oers a number of
dierent models to help us share the Christian faith.

Session 3 examines some of the dicult questions that we may be asked when
sharing our faith. Andy and Jo look at how we might begin to answer some of these
questions as well as giving some practical ideas on how we can help people move
beyond a good conversation and deeper into a journey of faith discovery.

Presented by Andy and Jo Frost, each session lasts approximately 20 minutes.
Each session also has input from the Director of HOPE, Roy Crowne.