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This resource will help you develop a rhythm of mission. It can be worked through as a church leadership team, a church mission team or through church small groups. Each session involves a short Bible study, prayer and practical planning activities. Here are a few top tips as you work through the material:

  • Each session takes up to 90 minutes. Sessions 1 to 3 have a number of suggested activities to choose from depending on time available. Session 4 needs to be worked through in totality. The material works best over four consecutive weeks.
  • We would recommend that you read through each session in advance and obtain any necessary resources e.g. pens, maps, sticky notes.
  • It is really important that everyone understands the rhythm of mission concept. It might be worth reading through the information on page 1 together.
  • The resource uses the commissioning of Moses as a theological framework and you may find it useful to read through Exodus 3 – 4:20 ahead of your first meeting.

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