God on the Road

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Join thirteen ordinary twenty-somethings as they head for the sights, sounds and smells of Europe.

They’re drawn by the surf and the night life, but they come with a different agenda. Something else has brought them here, something that makes this road trip a pilgrimage. These 21st-century pilgrims travel through France, Spain and Portugal to communicate Jesus. Armed only with a pocket phrasebook and the gospel, they soon find themselves in the company of the heroes of history. And they find that Jesus is already on the road ahead of them. Lord, thank you that you really are mobilising us to pray, to befriend, to pioneer and to make a stand, especially for Europe at this time.

I pray that you would stir our hearts to undertake new journeys – literal or spiritual – measured in friendships and not in miles. Please undermine our complacency, shake us and wake us, so that our lives may count in the wild adventure of your Kingdom. Amen. Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer