Equipping the Church to Share Jesus

About SJI

Share Jesus is committed to supporting local churches in helping them reach out to people with the good news of Jesus. Since 2000, the charity has created a whole range of resources, ranging from manuals to books to DVDS.

Share Jesus has also pioneered an array of projects that have served the church in mission across the UK and across the world. Partnering with local churches, we are known for innovation and creative engagement with a strong emphasis on mobilising Christians to engage with mission and issues of justice.

As Christians, many of us find it difficult to know how and when to share our faith. How do we go beyond our everyday, superficial, conversations of football and the weather so that we can start sharing our faith?

One of SJI’s main resources to date is the Sharing Jesus Course. This training course is a great opportunity for Christians to become more confident in communicating their faith in Jesus Christ, and to learn how to do so in a way that is both relevant and effective!

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