Welcome to the Missional Toolkit

We all know its important to share our faith. We all would love to see people we care about come to know Jesus for themselves. But many of us find mission, faith sharing and evangelism more guilt inducing than joyous. Mission for many in the church, can be something we feel we ought to do and tend to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

The Story so far…

Over the last 20 years Andy Frost and the team at SJI have been developing resources to help churches share Jesus. From city-wide mission activities to individual faith sharing, SJI has been helping people engage in mission.

Now all that experience and resource is coming together in the Missional Toolkit. You can book your training today.

The Missional Toolkit training is available for you and your church. One of our trainers will come and share their experience in church mission to help guide your thinking and boost your confidence in sharing Jesus.

What is the Missional Toolkit?

This is your one-stop shop for training and resources to help your church think more missionally. By the end of the training you will be able to develop a tailored and achievable mission strategy for your community. You will also have been given loads of tips, ideas and practical tools to help encourage and mobilise your church to share their faith.

Andy Frost

Andy Frost has been the Director of Share Jesus International since 2008 leading scores of projects ranging from London’s Pentecost Festival to national tours. At the heart of all that he does, he wants to help people follow Jesus. He is a popular speaker who loves telling the stories of Jesus. You can check out some of his videos here.

He presently heads up the London Mission Collective; works with Care for the Family on the Kitchen Table Project and Gather on church unity and mission. 

Over the years he has worked with a variety of organisations including More than Gold, Big Book Media and C3 Global. He is a Methodist Local Preacher: has an MA in Applied Theology and has authored a number of books and presented the Jesus Series.

He is married to Jo and has two daughters. His downtime is spent watching live comedy, playing football or searching for waves to surf.

Marcus Bennett

Marcus has been in ministry for 25 years, leading local churches, church planting, training and equipping churches for evangelism and community engagement. He is passionate about the church escaping it’s walls and making a difference within the local community. Some of his projects have included, helping to establish Wimbledon Foodbank and the first daytime Street Angels in Dewsbury.

He started his evangelism journey as a student and a new Christian in the early 90s with the forerunner to SJI, so is delighted to be returning as a trainer.
He is married to Sue, a singer and vocal coach and has 2 musical daughters, although his only musical talents are being roadie and audience.

What is the Toolkit training?

One of our trainers will run a two part interactive seminar:
Part one: ‘How to create a rhythm of mission for your local church’
This seminar helps you recognise what God is already doing and then looks at how to develop an intentional flow to church events and activities that build opportunities to help people on a journey of faith.

Part two: ‘How to help create a culture of sharing faith in the local church’
This session looks at the power of culture and how we can create habits that can be adopted as we gather as the church and as we disperse. These practice habits help Christians look for opportunities in the everyday to share Jesus relevantly.

On top of all the training on offer, every delegate/church will receive some of our best resources for free.

The Sharing Jesus Course

The 5 ‘Ps’ of Missional Development

Community Festival how-to guide

Prompt cards

What will the training look like for us?

We want to make this training as widely available as possible and can tailor the training to suit your needs and requirements.

It could be delivered to Churches Together groups and regional leaders meetings; or alternatively, it could be delivered to leadership teams and outreach committees.

The material takes a minimum of two hours to cover but can be extended to a half day with extra input and more time for conversation.

For example, you could run a Toolkit training as;

  • An evening training programme
  • A half day training (eg Saturday morning)
  • A Sunday afternoon training after the morning worship
  • An additional part of an existing training programme.

What is needed?

The training needs a venue with flexible seating (for discussion) and projection facilities.

We ask that, where possible, the training is made open to other churches in the area.

How can we book it?

To find out more or to make a booking please contact lucy@sharejesusinternational.com

What is the cost?

SJI will require travel expenses (@ 40p per mile) and a gift towards the charity. An invitation to become an SJI partner will also be made during the event.


David Jebb - Romford Methodist Circuit

“We had the privilege of having Andy Frost at the Romford Methodist Circuit where Andy led a session on mission which was extremely interesting, particularly his illustrative stories. He is an excellent speaker, an enthusiastic missional leader…”

Richard Powney - Evangelical Alliance

“Andy Frost offers some of the best training available on helping Christians and church communities engage creatively and effectively in mission and evangelism in the UK”

Caleb Ellwood - Gateway Church York

“Andy presented us with a tried and tested model for reaching people for Jesus. The session was informative and well presented, with time to discuss how to adapt for your own context and excellent accompanying materials to take away.”