Family Faith

Andy Frost, the director of Share Jesus International, also works with Care for the Family on the Kitchen Table Project. The campaign aims to raise awareness of just how important parents are in building our children’s faith. We can’t just rely on the great children’s work that happens in our churches to teach our children about God. However important that may be, it’s not a substitute for the amazing opportunity we have at home with our children.

The Kitchen Table Project gives reminders, ideas and opportunities for us all to be more intentional about how we help our children’s love for God grow while they are young. The primary focus is on equipping parents with children aged under 11. As part of the Kitchen Table Project, Andy has helped create a host of online resources as we well as Raising Faith  and 52 Faith Adventures for Dads and their kids!

During the pandemic many local churches were unable to provide children’s work in person and adopted online videos instead. These are a great stop gap but the danger is that children’s work becomes just 15 minutes of screen time. Andy believes that the content we produce for children needs to act as springboard into the week, providing parents and carers with ideas to take the conversation forward!

Encounters with Jesus was a pilot, mini series of videos in which Andy shares some of his favourite stories from the Gospels. Using footage from Lumo he gives five practical ideas to engage with the Biblical text as a family. The hope is that local churches will find these useful in encouraging families to journey deeper with God together.
Please note these videos have been created on a shoe-string budget and are very much a pilot. If you find these useful or have any feedback do get in touch here.

These videos are also available to download, email Lucy and she will send you a link to the videos in a dropbox file.