05 Robert Tomaschek

Andy hosts Robert Tomaschek, European Leader of Dynamic Church Planting International, and they explore why church planting is necessary in seeing people come to faith in Europe.

04 Jasmin Jones

Andy interviews singer/ songwriter Jasmin Jones about the use of music in outreach and why the Arts are so powerful in connecting deeply with people.

03 Osoba Otiagbe

In this podcast Andy Frost interviews Osoba Otiagbe, author of ‘Cultural Intelligence’, exploring the underlying principles behind how we can connect and reach people from other cultures in the cities of today.

02 Rich Ellerington

Andy Frost joins Rich Ellerington, founder of Surf Church, to explore church planting in Western Europe and some key values around starting a church from scratch with people who have no experience of Jesus.

01 David Kinnaman

Andy Frost joins David Kinnaman, the President of Barna Global, to explore cultural trends and how this impacts how we, as the Church, communicate the message of Jesus.