Helping your church share Jesus

How can we help you?

Need new ideas to help your congregation become more confident in talking about Jesus?
Searching for some tried and tested resources that will help you connect with your community?
Want some fresh thinking on how to explore what mission can look like in your context?

Three ways we can help…

1. Leaders Conference

2. Create a Rhythm of Mission

3. Mobilise the Congregation

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Many people in our churches express a lack of confidence and feelings of incompetency when it comes to sharing Jesus. We all know that evangelism and mission is important. But often we find that people’s fear of doing it badly means they would rather not engage at all.

If churches don’t participate in mission and outreach, then they are most likely to stagnant and decline.

SJI is here to help. With over 20 years experiences working with a broad range of church expressions across the UK. We help you build confidence and competence every step of the way. From planning an outreach event right through to helping disciple people who make a Gospel response. Our resources are tried and tested and will ensure your church can share Jesus confidently and effectively.


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