What is a Rhythm of Mission

A rhythm of mission is an intentional flow to the year that helps local churches to strategically invest and plan in creating opportunities for people to start a journey of faith. The team from Share Jesus International have delivered this training for individual churches, groups of churches and regional denominational networks. A PDF synopsis can be downloaded here. The training will help…

  • churches get re-inspired about mission
  • congregations become more confident in sharing their faith and more expectant for faith conversations to emerge
  • Christians connect with their community in new ways
  • churches host events that clearly communicate the Christian faith
  • churches think through how best to support people in starting a journey of discipleship

One of the team can come and deliver the training in your locality. Email us to start a conversation and to see how we can serve you. The cost depends on number of churches present as the Trainer will bring all of the necessary resources to train people in your locality.


The Rhythm of Mission training includes practical input, space for dialogue and time for reflection.

The Training includes:

  • key thinking behind creating a rhythm of mission with some important questions to strategically put together a plan for the year.
  • an introduction to the Sharing Jesus course that can be used to prepare congregations for evangelism.
  • a spectrum of different ideas around hosting community events with an overview on how to run a community event.
  • an opportunity to explore a number of different models for presenting the Gospel using the creative arts, testimony and story telling.
  • space to the think through how we help integrate people into the church community and enable them to journey as disciples.