What is Prompt?

Prompt is a thought and a question each week for a year! The idea is that you prayerfully ask God that question and then look out for opportunities and situations that arise where you can follow through with the challenge.

It’s a simple idea to help us all look out for how we can join God in his mission. Each Monday we will send out a question like, “How can I bless one of my neighbours today?” or, “What God-given characteristics can I affirm in a stranger today?”

What happens next is all part of the adventure.

How to participate…

as a Church

We have put together a Church Pack for 2018.

You could run a Prompt Sunday at any point in the year! Here’s what we provide:

    • A Top Tips PDF of how to run Prompt in your church – download here
    • A complimentary pack of 10 different Prompt cards (in bags of 50) to give to each member of your congregation
    • A downloadable teaching video on the Prompt concept from Andy Frost – watch here
    • A sermon outline – download here
    • A house group discussion outline – download here
    • Prompt Powerpoint template – download here

We’re providing this all free of charge. Send us an email with your name, email, church, address and how many prompt cards you’d like.

as an Individual

You can receive the challenge via text or email by filling in the form below.

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Please note, if you sign-up after 12pm on Friday, you will not receive the Prompt text until the Monday after next.

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You can post your photos, videos and experiences on social media, email us your stories and follow the hashtag #Prompt52.

What’s the story so far?

Prompt began in 2017. There was a challenge each day and the campaign lasted 28 days from Pentecost Sunday. Having heard some of the stories of what God has done, we decided to make the campaign a year long with one simple challenge each week!